Training of Personnel

Our long experience in Romania and abroad proved that a proper implementation of the engineering services provided by us is strongly  to the client personnel level of qualification and skills.

The methodology of training has been developed through ROMCONSULT S.A. vocational department including its highly qualified experts in didactic technology as well as the national network  of vocational center who joined ROMCONSULT S.A. programme.

The vocational training is running up with the vocational standards in practice in EU and the types and level of training are strictly in accordance to the needs of client and the level of education of the trainees.

The fields of training due to the large network of centers in Romania are as follows:

  • mechanical and electrical
  • civil works
  • mining industry
  • oil, gas , petrochemistry
  • electronics & instrumentation
  • agriculture and food industry

The a/m fields are not limitatives and they can be extended at client's requirements.

Through its experts, ROMCONSULT S.A. provides vocational training services abroad Romania for clients from Morroco, Algeria, Libya, Madagascar, Iraq, Moldavia, and Gabon.