·      Procure Project materials or services as allocated by the Project SCM Manager and ensure materials/services are delivered as per the Project Procurement Plan requirements (Time, Cost, Quality);

·      Ensure that products/services are performed and delivered as per Project requirements.


·      Propose the Project Suppliers Bidders List based on Company and the approved Suppliers Lists and based on approved SCM strategy within the Project.

·      Prepare the Project SCM Kick Off Meeting.

·      Maintain the Project Procurement Plan up to date.

·      Coordinate with in-house departments to ensure all requirements are included in pre-qualification and tender documents – including flowdown -and prepare/issue the Invitation to Tender to the suppliers of the Bidders lists.

·      Challenge requirement according suppliers market and Project requirement.

·      Challenge Supplier Documentation List to the sole relevant document.

·      Issue ITT to approved Bidders based on requisitions “Approved for Enquiry”.

·      Perform commercial and contractual analysis, schedule evaluation of bids, and incorporate technical evaluation from Engineering, QA, QC & HSE. Finalise the bid summary and make recommendations to the Project SCM Manager and to the Project Manager for technically acceptable solutions.

·      Prepare and submit the Approval for Commitment on Expenditure (AFCE) for approval by the proper authorised personnel.

·      Highlight all discrepancies in SCM processes, identify related risks and propose actions to minimize such risk.

·      Prepare and obtain signature of the Awards by the SCM Manager (or delegate).

·      Organise the Kick off Meetings with Vendors, ensuring in particular that instructions related to Vendor documentation are clearly explained and understood.

·      Review all correspondence and take necessary actions as required.  Maintain the files for each Purchase Order in an orderly fashion.

·      Coordinate with the Expediting, Quality Control and Transit functions throughout the progress of the Awards.

·      Ensure all actions are taken to recover all expediting or QC issues raised, make sure all Alarm and NCR are treated.

·      Manage and negotiate all Variation Orders and get approvals commitment amendments with the support of the Contract Engineer.

·      Check Suppliers invoices and the final account, obtain the corresponding close out certificate from Suppliers and issue the as-built revision of the PO.

·         Ensure feedback and supplier performance evaluations upon completion of works by use of the Saving and Value Capture/Overrun Report and Supplier performance assessment.




·         In case of commitment of product of high technical complexity (Flexible, Umbilical or Capex), additional responsibilities are:

-      Propose and implement the supplier follow up organisation and progress measurement.

-      Manage the complete follow up of the Commitment.

-      Manage the all follow up team.

-      Manage and co ordinate engineering issues related to the Product to deliver.



·      The Project SCM Engineer is not authorized to commit the Company on his own. Any commitment with third parties must be authorised by budget holders

·      Negotiations with all Suppliers




·      Professional Bodies : All Subcontractors/Suppliers

·      Customers : Through PMT


·      SCM Department

·      Project SCM Manager

·      Project SCM Team

·      Package Managers

·      Project Engineers

·      Project Contract Manager

·      QC Engineer




·      Bachelor or Master degree (Technical or Commercial)

·      5 Years minimum in Purchasing

·      Experience in Offshore business is a plus


Beginning : November 2010

Duration : 6 month minimum (2 year project)

Location : Paris (France)


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